Sebastian Rzepka PhotographyPhoto: ALDONA KARCZMARCZYK

I come from Silesia and live in Warsaw.
My whole life I have been wandering off the main road to finally reach a decision to make the off-road my new path. Burned out by corporate deadlines I am regaining strength through realization of personal projects. A short break, sound of a shutter, and I am running again. I will continue to run, chasing that perfect photograph, and when that frame is captured, I will pursue the next one. Pure adrenaline, ADHD personified.

In my work I try to reflect reality as I perceive it - positive and dynamic, full of energy. I find opportunities in the rain instead of waiting for the sun. I make the most out of time regardless of conditions.

Publications (selected):
Ładne Bebe Magazyn, Zwykłe Życie” magazine,Vogue Poland

Advertising clients include:
Hansa wear, BOB Bornonboards, Boris Kudlicka with Partners, Milka, Envelobank, OTO FILM, Lucky Luciano Pictures, Kenwood, Kujawski, Plus, KFC, Huawei, Kompania Piwowarska, Play, PGE, HONGQI - Cars, Propeller Film, Van Dorsen Artists, Digital Marketing Agency, Belvedere Restaurant.

Architecture + Design clients include:
Boris Kudlicka with Partners, POLIN Museum, Hotel Raffles Europejski, DOCK19 by Mateusz Gessler Restaurant, Belvedere Cafe, Spectra Art Space.